Online Panel

Anyone Anywhere Anyhow.

Why Online Research with us?

We have over 8 countries in Asia in our panels

Respondents Profiling?

Consumer behavior

Decision maker of household purchases, frequency of using products, proffered brands, etc.

Basic attributes and household

Age, gender, location, educational level, personal income, marital status.


Employment status, industry sector.

Financial and Real Estate

Types of bank services used, ownership of investment properties, plans to purchase any properties.


Car and motorcycle ownership.


Professional, insurance, medical services.

Smoker Panel

Information on smoking behavior and brands.

Student Panel

Current educational background, major, field, and plans of future education.

Full Service Online Research


  • Research briefing from clients
  • Prepare proposal for clients
  • Questionnaire design
  • Survey Programming

Data Collection

  • Soft launch (10-20% of required sample size)
  • Data QC
  • Full launch
  • Daily report
  • Fieldwork completion

Data Processing & Analysis

  • Data processing
  • Data Analysis
  • Report and analysis
  • Automated Report


  • Raw data (Excel, SPSS, ASCII, etc.)
  • Tabulation (Excel, Quantum, SPSS, etc.)
  • Data map (Excel)
  • Daily report
  • Full report (Insights and recommendations, Executive Summary)